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09 November 2013 @ 04:54 pm
Lost Myself  
Summary: This was a request from one of my friends from a forum I was on. She wanted me to do a fluffy one shot of two characters from an RP. Ben, the town's lumberjack, had one drink too many and couldn't find his way back home. He decides to crash on Scarlet's porch.
Rating: PGish I guess
Genre: fluffy romantic cute stuff


Thunder pounded overhead. The swelling, pregnant clouds unleashed their contents, spilling themselves onto the earth below in sheets. The sky was dark, occasionally lit by sparks of light produced by the spasmodic flashes of lightning above the black, tumultuous clouds. The rain wound itself into every nook and cranny, weaving its long, greedy fingers into the soil and between bricks.

Somewhere between the heavy droplets of water and the ground it was crashing into lay the inebriated Ben Fircot. He was stretched out, belly down, fingers digging into the wet, pliable clay beneath him. He squirmed uncomfortably as his rough woolen work clothes soaked up the miniature pond forming around him. He managed to pull himself up into a sitting position, one side of his face dirty. The earth made a wet, squelching noise as he stood, struggling to keep his balance.

Ben stumbled to the nearest wall, bracing himself against it as he oriented himself. And so began his long and arduous journey, one step at a time. The rain still poured, flooding the streets and soaking him to the bone. It was cold in this area, especially during the harsh month of November, and it wasn't long before he gave up. The lumberjack curled up, shielding as much of himself as possible from the torrential downpour. Somewhere above and behind him came the sound of a door creaking open. Two small hands wrapped themselves around his slick wrist and dragged him inside, away from the unforgiving outdoors.

He remained in the fetal position, arms wrapped around his folded legs with his face buried in his knees. A warm sensation began to grow around him as he realized that a towel had been placed on top of his body, and the smell of burning wood filled the room. Someone began to dry him off with the towel, working their down from the top of his head. Once the thick fabric had soaked up most of the moisture, and the fire had warmed him up a bit, Ben sat up to get a look at his surroundings.

There was a figure garbed in a long, blood red cloak. Their back was turned to him, but the figure was small, and lean. He recognized it to be Scarlet, the town's lead hunter.

She turned back to him, holding a piece of warm bread.

"Sorry, it's all I have."

Ben reached for it, nibbling at the crusts for a while before allowing his arm to go limp. The bread fell to the ground as he lay down once more. Scarlet sat beside his head, legs tucked under herself.

She watched as his chest expanded with each breath, then deflated itself when he exhaled. His fingers were slightly wrinkled from the prolonged exposure to water. His thick brown hair contrasts against the paler, almost ginger highlights. They lie limp and half dry across his face, and around his head in a brunette halo. His long, feathery eyelashes flickered as he opened his eyes, but just slightly, and shifted a bit. He wiggled into a position he found most comfortable, with his head in Scarlet's lap and his long legs sticking out the bottom of the blanket.

The fire crackled , sending red ashes and sparks flying up the chimney. One of Scarlet's hands remained entangled in Ben's hair and another was intertwined with Ben's. They remained like that for hours, Ben's faint snores, the popping of the fire, and the pattering rain on the rooftop the only sounds in the otherwise silent home. Scarlet briefly remembered Ben clutching her hand and guiding it closer to his torso, whispering her name in his sleep, before she dozed off too.
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shadow_veil00shadow_veil00 on December 13th, 2013 10:10 pm (UTC)
i still love this! x3
~the friend who requested this. xD