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26 December 2013 @ 12:28 am
Merry Christmas  
Yes, this is like half an hour late. Deal with it.

I just wanted to say that.. I'm pretty sure the four and a half of you who read my works don't give a shit anyway, but I just wanted to wish you guys a merry Christmas...

This year kind of sucked for me, and I don't know about you, but these past few years have been hell for me. I honestly just cannot wait to get back to school (no, not because I'm a meganerd), it's for other reasons. People reasons.


Anyway, let me give you a few reasons why Christmas sucks:
1. If dinner is being hosted at your house, it's just an excuse for your family to crash at your home for a few days and eat all your food and fuck up all your shit.
2. I swear to god everyone multiplies by at least five and all the streets get so fucking crowded.
3. When you don't get presents for someone who gets presents for you, you're a total bag of dicks and no one likes you anymore.

Here's a few reasons why Christmas is pretty cool:

And a few inspirational points:
1. The year is almost over. Do you know what that means? You're just a few days away from 2014 and I hope you're proud of yourself for making it this far.
2. Even though you feel totally hopeless, and you don't think life is worth living (not all of you feel this way, and I understand that) well, just remember that everyone needs you, even if it doesn't seem like it.
3. Food

And 64 reasons why you should exist:
1. Nutella
2. My Chemical Romance might come back
3. Boyfriends/girlfriends who will love you
4. Your wedding day
5. The day all your enemies will perish by the cruel hand of Fate
6. Puppies
7. The smell of fresh money
8. Warm sheets from the dryer
9. Stuffed animals
10. The sound of rain
11. Snow
12. Baths
13. Frothy shampoo
14. The Hobbit
15. Benedict Cumberbatch's voice
16. Justin Bieber retired
17. Winnie The Pooh quotes
18. Doodling little tornadoes on the edges of paper
19. Sugar on lemons
20. Fuzzy socks
21. The feeling of grass on your bare feet
22. The sound of a breeze blowing through trees
23. Fanfiction
24. Lullabies
25. Having kids of your own
26. TV shows
27. Sweatpants
28. Comic books
29. Coffee
30. Hot tea
31. Cookies
32. Taking off your clothes after a long and tiring day
33. Singing along to your favorite artist
34. Car trips
35. Laughing
36. Cold lemonade on a hot summer day
37. Hot chocolate in the winter
38. Buying new shoes
39. Books
40. Baby animals
41. Time travel might be possible in the future
42. Being able to stretch after sitting in the same position for a long time
43. Internet
44. Long Scarves
45. I love you and want to be your best friend
46. Oversized hoodies
47. Popping bubble wrap
48. Making others smile
49. Rain on a sunny day
50. The beach at night
51. Sunsets
52. Sunrises
53. There is so much of the world you have to see
54. Polls
55. Hot showers
56. The smell of clean laundry
57. Drying glue on your hands then peeling it off like it's a molting snake
58. Compliments
59. Hearing your favorite song through fancy schmancy sound systems
60. Soft mittens
61. Disney movies
62. Adventures
63. Buying CDs
64. Somewhere out there, someone is checking their phone every ten minutes to see if you've texted them. Whenever they hear someone call their name, they hope it to be you. Whenever they hear a knock at the door, they want you to be that person. So remember, stick around and maybe make that person's dream come true. And who knows, they might make all your dreams come true as well.

Yeah, you may not find some of those things as enjoyable as I do but at least I gave it a shot. I think Daniel Radcliffe said it best: i tried

So... Merry Christmas guys <3 and I hope you took what I said to heart.